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Latest Podcast from Lukas and Josie D'Aqui -  2 April 2024

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A few weeks ago we made it to ‘Woglife’ Nick Giannopoulos’ farewell tour at the Regal Theatre in Subiaco and it was an absolutely amazing performance. We have been fans of Nick and his work since we were children. As a Greek Australian performer, Nick has done so much in the entertainment business with a strong ethnic theme including Wogs out of Work, Acropolis Now and the Wog Boy films, here at the Italian Australian Podcast we consider him to have OG status. In this episode we give tribute to Nick and his hard work and his passion for his culture. We discuss ‘what is a Wog’, we have many laughs recounting some of Nick’s work and we discuss similarities of the experience of immigration for people coming to Australia.

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