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About Us

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'The Italian Australian Podcast is a place where we celebrate the rich traditions and stories of Italian heritage in Australia. Join us as we explore all things Italian Australian'.

'Inspired by The Italian American Podcast, brother/sister duo Lukas & Josie D'Aqui from Perth, Western Australia are here with their very own Italian Australian Podcast! Join them for weekly episodes covering a range of Italian Australian topics including immigration, food, traditions, language and much more! First generation Italian-Australians on their maternal side with a Roman born mum who has family lines from Rome, Le Marche and the Valtellina. And second generation Italian-Australians on their paternal side having an Australian born father of Calabrese origin. Blessed to have grown up with a strong connection to their Italian roots, this podcast hopes to help keep you connected with yours and to laugh and learn along the way'!

Degraves Street Melbourne
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